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A Little History About Us

Our company is located in Illinois, and our tack tool is manufactured in the USA. The JP Tack Tool was invented out of necessity. During a ride one day, the inventor's bridle came apart and he lost the reins and had to ride the horse back to his house with very little control. The Chicago screws on his bridle came apart, thus causing the failure. Thankfully no injuries came from the incident.

The Chicago screws were not defective nor was the leather that was used. The issue was with the tightness of the screw. Holding a Chicago screw tightly while at the same time attempting to maneuver a screw driver with the other hand can be cumbersome. The flat edge of a Chicago screw is slick and has almost no edge to hold on to. The inventor tried regular pliers to hold the screw in place but quickly found that to be very awkward. It was also found that the pliers would easily damage the Chicago screw.

This brings us to the thought and design of something that would resolve this issue. The perfect solution is now known as JP's Tack Tool. This new take on pliers allows for something familiar to use, while also holding the Chicago screw in place with much greater strength. Even better yet, it does not damage even the expensive show quality screws or the leather. Now, the JP Equine Tack Tool is literally used all over the world and you can be a part of it. Make your life easier by buying one today! 

Our goal is for you to have as much faith in our product as we do. If you are not completely satisfied within the first 90 days, we will replace or refund your purchase. No questions asked! Thank you for you interest and please contact us with any questions that you may have!

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